Poetry Vol3

by Kim Kalesti

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released January 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Kim Kalesti New York, New York

A natural born singer, storyteller, composer and seasoned performer.

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Track Name: Summer night summer sun summer time
Summer 2014

Summer sun
summer night
summer days
light up the world
as the sleepy eyes awaken
to witness
the magic
of your seedlings
watered by mid day rain
drenched in sunlight
sprouting over night
peeking from the soil
room enough to reach the sky
even in the night glow
summer wind
blows seeds
summer days are long
giving enough time
to spread their wings
babys abundant
small growths of plants
large trees shadows
in the hot desert summer sun

sweating water from your pores
your mouth quenched from fresh springs
running down mountain sides
as the icey leftover snow tops melt
rivers rush as the fish swim upstream
birds flock the skies
darting down into the deep water
for their healthy catch
insects a plenty feeding off
left over picnic delights
bears have their nights feast together
tearing through the garbage in camp grounds
where people had been
old people to hot taken on stretchers to
air conditioned care houses
children running through the sprinklers
swimming in local pools where teens
with raw red noses from sunburns perch high
above the crowd ready to save
air conditioned motors rumbling through the night
as the condensation drips on your head as you pass
making little streams on hot steamy side walks
vacationers international swarm as they jump
excitedly off of tour buses
with their maps and hope to have the best time
for the money they saved up all year long
me in my apartment
front door ajar with a tennis shoe
a cross breeze flows in from the front to the back
visa versa
quiet time in the morning before the trucks make their
delivery before the people wake up
before the tour guides bring their groups
before the noise of the afternoon until 5pm
when they all go back to their homes in New Jersey
back to their hotels to get ready for their broadway shows
they have been talking about to their friends family and co workers
all year
peeking out the front door to see if they had gone
i come out in the evening
just before sunset
city buildings hiding the setting sun in the west
looking up is indication of the changing of the weather
floating grey clouds
blue majestic sky filled with big bold stars
representing the life force up above us
while the little stars glow from darker quieter places
small towns country side
where i wish i was on such a day as this
a beautiful summer day
i go in my mind to be there
feeling the green grass on my feet
my eyes filled with greens of all shades and sizes
flowers insects birds
humming birds bees riding around in a car
quiet mountains
i sit here in my apartment as i go there
making it even more illusive in my mind
as to write it down
a witness to my inner thoughts
as you read me from these words that i type
in my small apartment surrounded by buildings
restaurants waiters talking in the alley
my quiet apartment in the back of the building
where i dream of being in the country
on such a beautiful summers day
summers night
summer sun
summer time
Track Name: Plateau Seed
Plateau Seed im goin back
bio time-mind of Kim Kalesti

plateau seed
blew in from somewhere
landed in the womb
planted in the plateau's of
the great mountain region
reached across the whole country
from south to north
gigantic was the land size
even climbing was level grace
rising from each mile
gliding into the stratosphere
were she soon became being
head in white powder blue clouds
connected to the sky the earth
below touched her feet
sang from her natural self
emotions ran through her
as the river ran through the town
from place to place
dancing singing happy
until she converted forced
to connect with the earth plain
of social realities
she rebelled by not listening
rejected any notion not suitable
in her moments of solitude
early in her childhood mind bliss
encapsulated by layers of metaphysical
intelligence made aware of
right before sleep
in-between state
of her bliss and their requests
for how one should be
in a little small town
back in the late 50's as a innocent
citizen of Pueblo, Colorado
from baby meditation
right before learning to speak
of her most vivid interruptions with
the oneness of her existence without the
God world of matter and timeless space
with the mountains, trees and flowers
bugs, turtles and cats she sang to
her friends
while sitting on the rim of water lakes
babbling brooks cool fresh water streams

years later
knowing this to be her complete truth
coming back to its reality knowing
that its true
connected with
one with
all knowing truth
of her existence without interference
she has come back to where she began
in her mind
her hair might be peeking grey
under neath L'Oreal color
she returns after her voyage
of cross cultural lands
by expedient means
to where she feels
all those times caught up in a whirl wind
of ideas amassed
found her soul
was still there
when she returned
to the section of grey matter
that suitable
to her existence as human
of her being

And now she finds her life free and easy
like her childhood days
singing to the cat
outside as she swings on her
swing set
backyard freedom
bugs, bees and birds
green grass under her feet
running through the sprinkler
as she giggles and laughs