Choral Works "For The Universe"

by Kim Kalesti Vocal Ensemble

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Kim Kalesti creator of five choral works feature seven beautiful voices. "For The Universe" is the title of the album and also one of the compositions. Kim Kalesti, Emily King, AC Lincoln, Jeremy Most, Tama Waipara, Nanette Pezzutti and Aviva Jaye. Engineer Brian Forbes @ The Gallery Studio, New York. Sheet Music is available on merchandise page.


released August 26, 2014

Produced, recorded and mixed by Brian Forbes
at The Gallery Recording Studio, Brooklyn NY.



all rights reserved


Kim Kalesti New York, New York

A natural born singer, storyteller, composer and seasoned performer.

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Track Name: For The Universe
You showed me your heart
Just when I thought love was gone
you came back
I prayed for you to believe that love is the answer
to the universe
fill your heart with pure love
for the universe
Track Name: At the entrance to The Garden
At the entrance " Garden of Forgiveness"

I walk like Forest Gump
upset - full of misplaced energy
not caring where I go
my legs feeling strong - resilient
caring my heavy heart one step at a time
sounds of the city - whistles - sirens
people talkin
on cell phones
buses, semi's are low in my site

as I look up to the sky
my head in ethereal clouds
tears fly off my face
with every step my mind races
through words
analyzing, details
changing from sad to relieved

I could walk to the ends of the world
comforted by the air fresh breathing - in
understanding, tribulations
walking aggressively comes to a stand still
as I stand still
hangin in a zone

I come down from the attic of my memories
to find beauty before me
lusious green, yellow, red, crimson
fragrance sweet
sounds soft buzzing
in a garden
Track Name: Living With Love In My Heart
I want so much to know your tender heart
to know that our hearts can soar like the wind
powerful love come take me home
living with love in my heart
for you can have ruby's can gold
a life filled with treasures three fold
something inside tells me youre here with me
knowing my anguish and tears melt away
when you have love come take me home
living with love in my heart
Track Name: On The Outside
Let them say what they want about me cuz I grew wise and figured out
Id rather be on the outside don't wanna act like they do
if that means I cant be myself Id rather be on the outside

I used to think that I was born different then anybody
I used to scream cuz I felt different than the world
people stare and i would often find myself alone
I don't care cuz I am better on my own

Just let them say what they want about me
cuz I grew wise and figured out, Id rather be on the outside
don't wanna act like they do if that means I can t be myself
I rather live a life thats true to who I am
and what I believe as long as no harm is done to no one
Ill make my way
a life thats filled with love for who I am and what I believe
as long as no harm is don't to no one Ill make my way
Track Name: Gonna Be A Solo Rider
I read what you thought about me
in letters written down
in note books left open
were words unspoken
our lies
now broke us in
two pieces

"How do you think one cane up with all those words?"
"How could those words just appear on the page?"
"was it something I made up ?"
there must be some truth in

Every word you read ?

I forgave you for all the
things you put me through
I tried to understand
the way you are
so many years go by

nobody really changes
I tell you
I really know for sure
the way you are when first we met
is how it is

my heart says
you just took the glow out from the stars
I just now
understand how hurtful
you are
Now Im gonna be a solo rider
Track Name: Thoughts Are Seeds
Thoughts Are Seeds
by Kim Kalesti

They say to write something pretty
a melody that makes your heart soar
a lyric thats complete
a tale without defeat
with an ending that makes them wanting more

a thought a word
held in your mind
that makes you feel so alive

its not so hard to hear the beauty in spring time
softly whispers
"can you hear her lovely whispers?"

can you hear her whispering heart
telling all the things you need to hear
for there'll always be abundance here

you see the trees
and the flowers grow from seeds
planted years ago
like thoughts that you sow
Track Name: Live Our Lives
"Live Our Lives"

high off the ground in a metaphor
playing a game you don’t know the score
try to discover molecular complexities of who we are
fall on your knees and give thanks above
try to be still and your heart will tell you
secrets of life’s living in this world

for evil strikes when ego tries to lure you
don’t try to give excuses for obsurd
don’t fight among the flowers
don’t fight among the trees
don’t fight among the children that lay beneath your feet
cuz we're just trying to live our lives